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    Ranks Info & Permissions


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    Ranks Info & Permissions

    Post  jessvj14 on Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:56 pm

    Welcome to the ranking system for Craftagious, ranking up is achieved with in game money made by mining blocks and selling to the market, through McMMO, and through trade with other players. Ranking up not only allows you access to more commands, it also allows you to make homes in zones with larger plots in Venice. Every two ranks grants you access to a new zone, the first two ranks allows you to choose either having a 10x10 plot in the Villas of Venice or an apartment in the city, the 3rd and 4th rank allow you to build a home on the 20x20 plots in the Costa Zone, and the 5th and 6th rank allow you to move up to the Palace Zone on 30x30 blocks.

    Plebian             Cost: 30 Minutes of Playtime

    Plebians get the choice of choosing a 10x10 sized plot in the Villa Zone or getting an apartment in the city of Venice, though the space is restricted by the size of the room.

    /warp list

    Citizen Cost: 20000 or 1 Hour of Playtime

    /kit dtools
    -Chest Shop

    Citizen will be able to set 1 home at this rank, as you move up to higher ranks you can set more than 1.

    Noble Cost: 50000 or 1 Day of Playtime

    /at toggle
    -Sign use Disposal

    The Noble class enables /at toggle, which is a command that turns your bow and arrow into a local teleportation device that will warp you to wherever your arrow lands. Nobles will also be able to set up to 2 homes with /sethome.

    Baron Cost: 100000 or 5 Days of Playtime


    Baron’s have the ability to pull up a virtual and portable chest along with the ability to do the same with a workbench. On top of that, they have the ability to warp back to where they last died with /back and clear their inventory whenever they feel that it is full.

    Earl Cost: 250000 or or 15 Days of Playtime


    Earl’s are able to move into the Palace Zone where they will be able to build on 30x30 sized plots. They are given the ability to create warps and use /heal whenever their health reaches a low level. Earl's will also be able to set up to 3 homes with /sethome.

    Duke Cost: 500000 or 30 Days of Playtime

    Duke is the final rank, they will have all the commands for players in the game and they will be given access to Compass. Compass is a special tool that lets users teleport to where they’re looking in an instant with a left click and move through walls in an instant with a right click.

    Veteran (Donor Rank)

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